Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Have an Opus Dei.

DaVinci Code fever is in full swing. In true Hollywood fashion, the Catholic church,
and the religious group Opus Dei are making the media rounds, trying to get everyone
to realize that Mary Magdalene was NOT the wife of Jesus and they did NOT really bear
any children together.

The book and subsequent film have turned into a full blown global phenomenon, with plenty
of drama. They've sparked lawsuits against the book's author, heightened interest in the work
of Leonardo daVinci, caused people to question their religious beliefs, fueled debate about
ancient history and Christianity, yet all anyone in Hollywood can talk about is Tom Hanks' long hair in the film. There's actually a whisper campaign going on to try to bring the movie down.

Way too many links on daVinci code and Opus Dei, so do your own research. Just remember, the book IS fiction. But hey, wouldn't it be WILD if...

Gas prices aren't the only things at their highest level ever...

No, hypocrisy is also running rampant in Washington.

As you well know, gas prices are out of control.
Today, the President finally admitted that he is "concerned" with the price of gas.
Now the republicans are trying to backpedal on over 5 billion dollars in tax incentives they granted big oil just last year. Pretty humorous.

I'm sure the sudden turnaround and interest in price-gouging has nothing to do with
the fact that the Bush administration has botched the Iraq/Afghanistan/now possibly Iran
situation, as well as pared spending on education and Medicare, and basically generated
so much bad press that some pundits are predicting massived Democrat victories in the next round of elections...

I'm sure that all has NOTHING to do with it.
And I'm sure that all this posturing and talk will do NOTHING to relieve consumers at the pump, either.

Rising interest rates, rising gas prices, the MIAMI VICE movie coming out...sounds like
the Reagan years all over again...

I'm never gonna drive again...guilty feet have got no rhythm..

Once hailed as one of the best songwriters of his generation, George Michael has ridden a downward spiral of career sabotage, mostly self-inflicted. The singer had a bit of a problem parking his Range Rover over the weekend in London.

George has had such a hard time with fame. Since disintigrating WHAM! on the eve of a huge commercial deal with Pepsi back in the eighties, he has the distinction of getting bitch-slapped by both Elton John AND "The Voice", Frank Sinatra. (Figuratively, not literally)

Shame of it is, his 1996 album OLDER, is a master work. And his last album, PATIENCE, had a few gems on it. Here's hoping the guy gets off the cannabis and gets back to getting down. Music is more fun with , than without, George Michael. And while tabloids are more fun with him out of control, we really don't need tabloids.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hell in a handbasket

So it turns out that George Dubya Bush is the one who OK'd the leaks to the press on the whole Iraq CIA operative deal, and while he wasn't called out particularly for OK'ing the disclosure of the CIA operative's identity, you can bet your sweet bippy that he knew about it.

So all that posturing, all that "whoever did this must be found out, and dealt with" was bullshit. Surprise, surprise.

I'm amazed at the utter lack of public outrage. Other than George Stephanopolous (coulda checked the spelling but just don't feel like it right now) and Bill Maher, the media is pretty much giving everybody in this administration a free pass on foreign policy, war, gas prices, education cuts, social security, lying, deception, fundraising abnormalities...there is a lack of outrage that is appalling. Are people that bewildered, that ignorant, or just that tired of it all?

Our freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and quite a few other civil liberties are being infringed upon more and more daily, many times in the name of "national security". It makes me sick.

Now, what the hell to DO about it. That's the question.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You can't teach good taste. Or trade for it. Or sign it as a free agent.

The Chicago White Sox, fresh off their victory in the World Series, got their rings in a ceremony preceding yesterday's loss to the Cleveland Indians.

You might not realize the White Sox actually won the World Series, since the television ratings were at an all-time low. More people actually watched the World Series BEFORE television was invented than watched last year's series. Interesting fact.

The rings...well, what can I say, Elvis would've been proud. They were designed by team owner Jerry Reinsdorf's wife. Even though the team colors are silver, black, and white, for some reason, the rings were made of gold, as you can see below.
Even Puff Daddy (excuse me, that's DIDDY) would think this ring is hideous.

As an added bonus to the cheeseball ceremony, where front office employees emerged from centerfield in a cloud of dry ice, dressed in tuxedos with tails and Sox caps on, the team gave a ring to shortstop Luis Aparicio, who played on the 1959 champs. I wonder if Shoeless Joe Jackson's extended family and the Comiskeys got rings, too.

The Sox also gave away 20,000 "replica" rings made of cheesy fake gold, dozens of which promptly turned up on eBay. Never mind the fact that the replicas look nothing like the actual rings. A few fans were near tears on the news last night, and two mustached burly fellas proclaimed they were going to wear the rings to work today. Niiiice.

Today, the Sox gave away replicas of the World Series trophy.
I believe next homestand they are giving away replicas of Ozzie Guillen's mustache, and rub-on Bill Ligue Junior replica tattooes.

Stay classy, south side. Stay classy.