Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hell in a handbasket

So it turns out that George Dubya Bush is the one who OK'd the leaks to the press on the whole Iraq CIA operative deal, and while he wasn't called out particularly for OK'ing the disclosure of the CIA operative's identity, you can bet your sweet bippy that he knew about it.

So all that posturing, all that "whoever did this must be found out, and dealt with" was bullshit. Surprise, surprise.

I'm amazed at the utter lack of public outrage. Other than George Stephanopolous (coulda checked the spelling but just don't feel like it right now) and Bill Maher, the media is pretty much giving everybody in this administration a free pass on foreign policy, war, gas prices, education cuts, social security, lying, deception, fundraising abnormalities...there is a lack of outrage that is appalling. Are people that bewildered, that ignorant, or just that tired of it all?

Our freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and quite a few other civil liberties are being infringed upon more and more daily, many times in the name of "national security". It makes me sick.

Now, what the hell to DO about it. That's the question.


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