Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Keep feeling Fascination..

Read my favorite quote of the year so far. Caught it on Dan Steinberg's blog washingtonpost.com,
from an article about David Beckham's arrival in the U.S. to play for the L.A. Galaxy.

Outside the stadium, Fox Soccer Channel's Nick Webster was talking about "Beckhamania."

"It's hoopla, it's what Americans do best," he told me. "This country knows how to present somebody, how to turn something that's really not very interesting into an event.

Indeed, nick. Well stated. Case in point, the release today of most of the list of Barbara Walters "Most Fascinating People of 2007" Naturally, Becks and his bubbleheaded wife, Posh made the cut. Sure, she's easy on the eyes. But fascinating? If you caught just 2 minutes of that NBC show about her "coming to America", the most fascinating aspect about her is how she remembers to inhale and exhale on a daily basis.

Just take a look at some more of the fascinating folks who'll be sitting down with Babs for some hard-hitting puff piece journalism...
Katherine Heigl of ABC's GREY'S ANATOMY
the dudes who started MY SPACE
unfunny radio crankshaft Don Imus
Justin Timberlake

Heigl starred in the runaway comedy hit KNOCKED UP. But wouldn't the guy who wrote it, Judd Apatow, be more "fascinating" than the actress that read his lines? And I know JT has talent, and he does wear the beejesus out of a suit, but do we really want to hear him answer questions about his childhood and dating britney and breaking up with cameron in his ghettorlando vernacular ? Are we fascinated by that? Don't we get that every night on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD and MTV?

They throw in Bill Clinton, one of the most fascinating people of all-time, let alone 2007, but none of the current political candidates, or standing politicians seem to have made the list.
ABC and Barbara Walters promise a "surprise" guest or two, so maybe someone else truly fascinating will make the show.

People I'd find more fascinating, or at least more compelling, than Babs' list:
Brad Pitt (the humanitarian, not the actor. He's trying to help rebuild the 9th ward in New Orleans and be environmentally conscious along the way)
Clooney (for finally standing up to the paparazzi. And trying to make a difference in Darfur.)
Tom Bergeron of DANCING WITH THE STARS. (ok, maybe not.)
Whatever MTV executive greenlit THE HILLS. ugh. what gives?
Bill Belicheck.
Joe Torre.
Barack Obama. What exactly makes this guy feel that he's qualified to be the president of the United States?
Barbara Walters herself. When exactly did you have experimental surgery to have your journalistic "balls" removed? And why didn't you see a speech therapist to fix that annoying impediment years ago?

I'm not sure if "journalistic" is a word. At least, if it was before now.

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