Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Score One for the Spoken Word

If you didn't see the Olympic opening ceremony, you missed a great show.
Put on for a fraction of the cost of last summer's Beijing olympics, the ceremonies
did a great job of giving a flavor of Canada, and entertaining at the same time.
For me, a highlight of the show was Canadian slam poet Shane Koyczan.
His rendition of his poem WE ARE MORE was amazing. This shaky handicam video
doesn't do it justice, but NBC hasn't made it available yet.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sail On, Alexander McQueen

When I was younger and cared about fashion, Alexander McQueen was one of the first designers whose work I openly coveted.  Later, I acquired a couple of pair of McQueen sunglasses, one of which was my absolute favorite until Lilly, then a puppy, stomped on them in a playful fit, snapping them in two.  

Today, McQueen hanged himself in his London flat. It's a loss for the fashion world, but moreso for the world in general. 

Creativity, in any form, is so admirable to me.  And often, those who are most creative are hounded by the proverbial demons.  With modern advances in technology, therapy, and medication, it's hard to believe the people still kill themselves.  And while some may flippantly claim that taking one's own life is "taking the easy way out", or "cowardly", in the end, there is the moment where the razor must slash skin, or the trigger must be pulled, or the chair kicked away.  Perhaps the end result takes the place of dealing with life's ups and downs, but whatever you call it, in the end, it is tragic.  As the father of teenagers, I view this act so differently now...but like most of us, I'll never fully understand it.  

Alexander McQueen had scores of admirers worldwide.  But, as we've learned time and time again, that often doesn't matter. 

Hug someone close to you today. Someone that you don't often hug. And remind them that you love them. 

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Kardinal Offishal "We Gon' Go" Video

This song by Kardinal Offishal is good, not great.
But the video, trés, trés bién. And very apropos for Super Bowl week,
with the opening line "WHO DAT?"
Directed by Chris G.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Information Leak" by Richard Evans

“Pretty much anything you can imagine, you can get your hands on. With such an abundance of information, I feel as though it over-flows into our lives and the typography is purposefully hard to read to reflect this.”


Richard J. Evans' brilliant sculpture represents how easily information is leaked through the internet and television in todays society. Information Leak consists of dozens of laser-cut, wooden letters flowing uncontrollably out of the tap and onto the floor.

via esper. 
more of richard j. evans' work here