Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gas prices aren't the only things at their highest level ever...

No, hypocrisy is also running rampant in Washington.

As you well know, gas prices are out of control.
Today, the President finally admitted that he is "concerned" with the price of gas.
Now the republicans are trying to backpedal on over 5 billion dollars in tax incentives they granted big oil just last year. Pretty humorous.

I'm sure the sudden turnaround and interest in price-gouging has nothing to do with
the fact that the Bush administration has botched the Iraq/Afghanistan/now possibly Iran
situation, as well as pared spending on education and Medicare, and basically generated
so much bad press that some pundits are predicting massived Democrat victories in the next round of elections...

I'm sure that all has NOTHING to do with it.
And I'm sure that all this posturing and talk will do NOTHING to relieve consumers at the pump, either.

Rising interest rates, rising gas prices, the MIAMI VICE movie coming out...sounds like
the Reagan years all over again...


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