Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Have an Opus Dei.

DaVinci Code fever is in full swing. In true Hollywood fashion, the Catholic church,
and the religious group Opus Dei are making the media rounds, trying to get everyone
to realize that Mary Magdalene was NOT the wife of Jesus and they did NOT really bear
any children together.

The book and subsequent film have turned into a full blown global phenomenon, with plenty
of drama. They've sparked lawsuits against the book's author, heightened interest in the work
of Leonardo daVinci, caused people to question their religious beliefs, fueled debate about
ancient history and Christianity, yet all anyone in Hollywood can talk about is Tom Hanks' long hair in the film. There's actually a whisper campaign going on to try to bring the movie down.

Way too many links on daVinci code and Opus Dei, so do your own research. Just remember, the book IS fiction. But hey, wouldn't it be WILD if...


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