Thursday, February 01, 2007

Maybe there IS something to this childhood obesity thing, after all.

Feast your eyes on "Super Tonio", born yesterday in Cancun, Mexico, helping to dispel the worldwide perception that only American kids are fat and lazy.

According to news reports, the big baby is causing a "sensation in this Mexican resort city". If the kid had been born back in the days of the Mayans or Incas, he'd probably have been received as a deity of some sort and held aloft, worshipped throughout the land, even as an infant.

No confirmation to the rumor that "Super Tonio" was, in fact, twins, until he ate his sibling in the womb.

So what will the world "health experts" blame THIS case of childhood obesity on? I don't believe Coke, Pepsi, or McDonald's supersizing had anything to do with it.

Still, that is one BIG boy. He can look forward to a childhood of being called "Big Guy", "Chief", and "Boss".
Take it from a "Chief" who knows.

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