Wednesday, May 05, 2010

fear is such a vicious thing, it wraps me up in chains...

somewhere in between the clips of kittens playing around and dads getting whacked in the groin by a child's wayward whiffle bat, you find old perfomances, gems on youtube. like this one from tears for fears. what's with the sweaters? i wish bands still had uniforms. holy devo.

i nearly blew the speakers in the production studio at the loop fm in the mid 90's listening to this song one night, in cue. we never played anything this cool there.

absolutely loved how kanye west sampled from "the hurting" on his 808's album. kanye is one for reinvention, so i suppose the new record will go in a different direction, but i bet he'd have some interesting takes on samples from "songs from the big chair". 

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