Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We're baaaaack....

Took a few days off, for your own good as well as mine.
Just didn't feel you needed any more post-Oscar critique/coverage.
Three Six Mafia. Enough said.

Checked out the new ABC show SONS AND DAUGHTERS last night. Pretty funny stuff, reminds me a bit of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. Not to sound like a prude, but as the father of pre-teens, there were a few too many sex references for the 8pm (9p Eastern) hour. Should air between 9 and 10.

Also was saddened to hear today that CBS is canceling KING OF QUEENS. There ain't a whole lot to watch these days, that show was pretty funny for a sitcom. Fat guys, hot wives, and crazy old men are a good combination in TV. Kevin James probably wanted a ton of cash, and since the show is already syndicated, the diminished returns on investment probably just encouraged the network to dump the show. Sad. Hopefully we can all get our Jerry Stiller fix on a new show soon. The guy could read the phone book and make me laugh.


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