Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hair Club for Pricks...

Quite possibly the biggest disaster of recent memory, (ranking after, of course, the Indonesian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina's reign of destruction in the Gulf Coast) occured when the unwashed masses of this country decided to tune into Donald Trump's lame supposed reality show THE APPRENTICE, and make it a hit.

I can see why people enjoy it. I mean, watching a bunch of self-important supposed success stories sell lemonade and come up with remedial ad campaigns for major products IS so brutal that it's funny. But I have a sinking feeling that people aren't lauging AT Trump, but WITH him.

The whole Martha Stewart feud is ridiculous, which fits right in with everything else about this bombastic prick. He overstates his personal "fortune" by hundreds of millions, claims to be the arbiter of good taste when the interiors of his self named buildings feature gold plating and black onyx throughout, and let's not even start on the parade of gold diggers that his personal life has become.

Martha can't catch a break, since the justice dept. wanks decided to make an example out of her. But Trump's cheap shots at her only make him look like even less of a man than he already is. His refusal to ever accept negative criticism makes his claims that others can't take any heat ring quite hollow.

And the hair. Ugh. Not to mention the fact the guy was on Letterman the other night and didn't even know how to sit in the damn chair like a normal human being.

By the way, THE flash for you here, THE PINK's about time to hang it up. Now that they sell them at JCPenney, I don't think they're
"hip" anymore. Now get back to your fake boardroom set and "fire" a few more junior achiever wannabees who don't even know how to tie a decent knot in their neckties. This is a tough call, Donny but...

You're Tired.


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