Friday, March 03, 2006

The world we live in and life in general...

I've been staying away from Bill Maher's HBO show because all I do is get a hopeless feeling of despair, which doesn't sit well with the Friday night red wine and pepperoni/green pepper pizza.
But tonite I made an exception, and it was worth the indigestion. Harry Anderson (the former judge from TV's Night Court) checked in from his home in New Orleans, Mike Brown made a few valid points about the fact that FEMA did a pretty decent job under him, and Graydon Carter and DL Hughley threw down salient points and hearty laughs...
Oh forget it. Just dial up the HBO and watch it this weekend. Hughley says it best, the country is getting what it deserved, they voted for Bush.

Poor Mike Brown. He sat there, taking heat, being the whipping boy for not being prepared, he lost his gig over the whole mess, and it turns out our idiot president knew exactly what was coming when and STILL did nothing about it. I wish I was a lawyer so I could get a piece of the action on the forthcoming wrongful death lawsuits that will surely dig our nation's deficit even deeper than the Bush administration can do on its own.

On a lighter political note, check out Target's greeting card section for some pretty funny Bush themed birthday cards. My personal favorite is one that has a bewildered looking W. on the front holding up three fingers, with a bubble saying "On your birthday, I've got three words for you"
and inside, it reads "Happy Birthday".
good stuff.
I was shocked and amazed that they already have a card with a PhotoShopped Dick Cheney in a goofy hunting outfit holding a double barreled shotgun, and inside it reads "Hope your birthday is a real blast!". Pretty good turnaround time.

Tonight was pizza night, and the lenten folk had cheese pizza. I opted for pepperoni and green pepper, which in my opinion is about the best pizza you can get. Depends on the place, as the green peppers if cut too large can be undercooked, which just sucks. For some reason we ordered from Domino's which has a thin crust that is surprisingly good. The hand-tossed crust is pretty lame, but that thin crust....

Then again, I've always been of the opinion that thin is in as far as pizza goes. And, living in Chicago that can pose a problem, as everyone here likes the deep dish soggy crap. Once in a blue moon, if you get a good cornmeal deep dish like Lou Malnati's or Uno or Due, but seriously, Chicago pizza pales in comparison to New York pizza. Gimme a thin, preferably coal-fired pie any day. Que Bella!

I had a brief moment of consideration before ordering from Domino's as I don't really want to support Domino's owner, Tom Monaghan's, latest endeavor, Ave Maria-a Roman Catholic town and university down in Florida. You can read about it here.
Plans for the community include banning, or at least suggesting very heavily a ban on, contraceptives. Like there is any place in America that NEEDS contraceptives MORE than the state of Florida. At an estimated cost of over $400 million, Ave Maria will be a pricey little cult camp, indeed. That's a hell of a lot of pepperoni. A strict Roman Catholic town...for you DaVinci Code readers, I see a big run on thigh spikes in the South in the next few years. Have an Opus Day(sic), indeed.

But, to each his own. Unless of course, yours doesn't agree with his. Then to you his own as well. Especially with the Religious Right. Lord help Florida. Bless us all, every one of us...


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