Thursday, March 02, 2006

The punchline we just keep waiting for...

So I think I finally figured out what the hell is wrong with Dave Chapelle. See the photo to the left...he isn't an actual person. He's just the alter ego of 70's TV Superstar/current schizophrenic Jimmy "DYNO-mite"J.J. Walker.

That HAS to be the explanation. Why else would anyone walk away from $50 Million big ones? Today Chapelle said he's leaning toward not going back to his show because Comedy Central wants to air shows he taped this season before hightailing it over to South Africa in a snit. Read all about it here Don't give me that crap about suffering over exploiting your race for laughs...if you feel that guilty, establish a few scholarships or make some ginormous charity donations. But breach your contract? On OPRAH, it sounded like the thing that set Dave/JJ off was being in costume for a skit,dressed in blackface, and having a white crew member laugh at him. Imagine that, someone laughing at a comedian in a funny outfit.

The situation reminds me of someone at a party, or around the espresso machine at work, who starts telling a joke they heard over the weekend, only to get lost mid-sentence and trail off, forgetting the punchline. You breached the humongo, life-changing contract WHY? You're depressed WHY?

Don't send me a bunch of emails defending depression or mental illness, either. The guy could do a lot better for his family and his heritage by honoring the contract, and continuing to do funny shows. If a white comedian quit his show in a huff and flew back to Ireland or England unannounced for a month and claimed it was because a black crew member laughed at them, he'd get lambasted for taking himself too seriously.

Lighten up, Dave. Go back to work. Or at least shut up about it already. Most of us WISH we had your problems.


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