Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Finally, someone who knows how to write a bio...

Somewhere between trying to make plans for the weekend and kicking yourself over things that you didn't do because you forgot or were ignorant of the event or the current position on the calendar, you come across the occasional gem.

Like this passage, from the bio for Chicago musician Archer Prewitt at the Thrill Jockey records website, concerning his latest CD, WILDERNESS...
The nymph-like siren gazing from the cover of Wilderness is a pencil drawing by Archer. He describes her as being an incorruptible innocent; an omniscient "child of nature". This fantastical female ties in with the idea present in many of his lyrics ? championing love above all else, even in life's darkest time."

Ain't love grand. It's what seperates us from the other primates.
Love is all you need. Or so they say.

Prewitt plays this Friday @ the Empty Bottle. Hopefully the bar doesn't live up (down) to its name. He's on a bill with THE M'S and DJ LA JESUS.

Give him a shot, even though his name sounds like a Wall Street bank, or a bratty snobby kid who drank and snorted his way out of the Ivy League and wound up at your State school, where he was the BMOC.


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