Wednesday, March 01, 2006

If It Goes Any Lower, It'll Equal His I.Q.

So President Dubya's approval rating has sunk to an all-time low of 34 percent.
Even gun-toting, woman-hating, money-grubbing, dyed-in-the-wool wingtip Republicans
hate this guy. And now that I've typed "President" and "Gun" in the same entry, my blog will show up with a red flag at the Office of Homeland Security. No worries, I'll just invite Dick Cheney over for dinner so he's here, strapped, when the internet secret police arrive.

Dave Letterman is particularly killing me. The funny part is, other than a humorous introduction, Dubya's video usually stands on its own. The clips are so unintentionally funny, and make the guy look like such a boob, it's almost embarrasing to be an American. But at least he's keeping us laughing. Even if he's ruining our social and educational system with stupid policies and slashing funding. Last night's GEORGE W. BUSH, OH MY GOD was a classic...just video of W. staring into space at a news conference, stuttering, unable to complete a sentence...The guy went to YALE for christ's sake. People liked Nixon more. After the Watergate break-in.

If his approval drops any lower, he'll have to get a BJ or something in the Oval Office just to recover. Here's hoping he goes Brokeback. Now THAT'D be something to see the Republicans and Rush Limbaugh explain...

You can check out Bush clips at:
The Late Show website


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