Wednesday, February 22, 2006

If you can tear yourself away from American Idol for a few seconds...

perhaps you'd like to take a breather from the syrupy ballads and lame mid-tempo rock songs to enjoy some actual MUSIC.

My favorite radio station in the country is member supported K-JAZZ, in Southern California, from Long Beach State University.I first discovered it on a trip to LA where I stayed at the Mondrian hotel (I usually base there or at the Beverly Hills Hotel). I had this terrific rented Mercedes-Benz sl500 convertible, and at night I'd just power up through the Hollywood Hills, listening to jazz way too loud. Then after a little carousing in the streets of West Hollywood, I'd head back to the hotel, where I had a terrific view of the Hollywood Hills, and leave the stereo on 24/7. Jobim and Getz and Cannonball Adderly and Billie and Miles are the soundtrack to Los Angeles for me.

You can check them out on the web at, where you can listen to audio streaming of jazz old and new. It's perfect for late nights, or early mornings. Maybe you're enjoying a nice, expensive Burgundy or something, or a fine single-malt. You've slipped into something more comfortable, so maybe has your significant other. Plug in some decent speakers, load up the website, and let nature take its course.

Gentlemen, you can thank me later.
Also goes well on the patio with a Cuban cigar and a starry sky.


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