Sunday, June 11, 2006

Vend it like Beckham...

It's World Cup time, not that you'd notice. Even though more
people watch the World Cup than the Super Bowl worldwide, and more
soccer merchandise is sold than NBA, MLB, and NFL gear combined, and despite the fact that there is a soccer ball decal on 3 of every 5 minivans and suv's in suburbia, and even with all of the hot soccer moms out there, the masses in America have yet to embrace Soccer as a big-time sport.

It's getting a bit more mainstream, as I've noticed tons of WC tees, hats, and jerseys in sporting goods stores around town. I just can't figure out if that
number in the cirle on all the Nike stuff is supposed to be 06 or 90. Can
someone help me out, please?

So far the biggest WC highlight has been David Beckham bending one off
of the other team's defenders heads and into the goal. I know, you're thinking,
no wonder no one gets this game.

But give it a shot. A bunch of the Brazilians have only one name. Like Ronaldo. And Ronaldinho. (I'm pretty sure those are two different players....)

I'll be attending the next World Cup, in South Africa, in 2010. So stay tuned right here for
coverage. This is you blog headquarters for the SA WC 2010.

Do they still have that announcer guy that yells,



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