Monday, May 01, 2006

Corporate Angst, Part I

So I was going to rail on and on about how much I hate Home Depot.
About how it's on, Me Vs. Home Depot, my one man campaign to shut the doors
of the frickin' place. To lead the first great consumer revolt of the new millennium.

Then I googled Home Depot to try to find a wacky photo and I found out that not only am I not
alone in hating this putrid corporate monolith, I am not even in the top twenty percent of the most venomous Home Depot Haters.

I also noticed that there are hate sites and blogs about nearly every big corporation...Starbucks, Mickey D's, Sony, etc. etc. Not only disgruntled consumers, but employees are out there, bitching up a storm about transgressions, both merited and unmerited.

Obviously it's a problem throughout retail...misinformed employees who don't seem to give a damn about anything, lousy inventory control, mishandled returns, the list goes on...

Which relates back to today's Immigrant Revolution March. Apparently there are entire segments of jobs out there that don't pay enough for Americans to care about having, keeping , or even performing them.

So why, exactly, is anyone bitching about the hardworking (albeit "undocumented") immigrants that come here and work their tails off doing what can often be described as
"grunt" work at best? At least most of these people have some work ethic. And can put forth an effort.

Which is more than I can say about anyone I've encountered lately at the Homer Glen, IL Home Depot store. Or the Mokena, IL Home Depot store.


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