Monday, May 01, 2006

The million hombre march.

So over 300,00o immigrants and their supporters marched today in Chicago, many many more in other cities.
Couldn't these people have all spent that time just standing in line to get their paperwork to be here legally?
Just wondering.
I mean, I support some sort of compromise on the issue, naturally we all know this country was founded as a melting pot, etc. etc....but obviously, there needs to be some sort of accountability.
Asking for documentation doesn't seem completely oppressive to me.
Then again, I already HAVE documentation.
I asked my friend Michael about the furor. He hails from South Africa and his work visa actually expires next year. Like a lot of us, he's a bit perplexed about the current political environment. So he's weighing his options.

Maybe we should all just think about expatriating, and not even worry about the status of undocumented workers. Just let them have the frickin' country. We'll head for their homelands, where we can find affordable health care and prescription drugs, and perhaps some
freedom of speech, not to mention some actual foreign policy...
Will the last American citizen please turn out the lights on the way out?


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