Monday, February 20, 2006

Music That Will Change Your Life, Part Two

Naturally, this will be an oft-recurring post, as music is the soundtrack to our lives.
And now that I've got a radio on my cell phone,well , I don't see how I can stay away from the tunes. These aren't always new tracks...but that doesn't matter, does it? Great music is timeless. Or reminds you of a certain time. Either way, good is good.

Standard disclaimer, feel free to check these tunes out but we here at Middle of the Night do NOT condone illegal downloading. Or downloading period. Just buy the CD. Or borrow it from a friend.

HOW MEN ARE- Aztec Camera
Roddy Frame, lead singer of AC, has one of the sweetest, most melancholy voices out there.
Killer track.

SURF - Roddy Frame
This is a heart-ripper for sure. Do not listen if you're depressed at all. Dangerous.

On the weekends, after a few single-malts, I like to slip into my robe, put this on, and emote.
The lovers, the dreamers, and me...indeed. Sleep warm, baby.

DREAMING - Loudon Wainwright III
"It's chances, not choices.Noises, not voices.
A day's just a thing to get through.
Living's just too hard to do..."
OK, it's a little mopey. But it's about how great it is to be DREAMING. So there's a positive spin.
Moody and emotive, just the way I like my baristas. This song hurts. But a good hurt.


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