Thursday, February 16, 2006

Let's Play Ball!

Funny Baseball Picture

Ah, yes, it's spring training time once again. Pitchers and Catchers have reported, and
the anniversary of Harry Caray's death has once again passed.
As our beloved hometown Cubs get ready for yet another frustrating season
on the diamond, we can only wonder a few things...
1. When will Kerry Wood be ready to pitch again? Will he stay healthy?
2. Will Mark Prior be able to go the whole season?Will he be as effective as he was before his injury troubles the last 2 seasons?
3. Will the Cub outfield be any better now that it's full of players with French names?(Marquis Grissom, Juan Pierre, Jacque Jones) Vite, alors!
4. How many times will Dusty Baker say "dude" and "man" in press conferences?
5. Will the Cubs receive some sort of award for creating the whole club-owned ticket scalping ticket broker market now that many other teams are jumping on the bandwagon and reselling their own tickets at ridiculously high prices, too?
6. How long until White Sox fans lose interest in their World Series championship and revert back to bitching about the Cubs, Wrigley, Cub Fans, and Cub Media Bias?
Only time will tell...


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