Thursday, February 16, 2006

Holy Toledo! Nice rug!

Houston Asstro Broadcaster Milo Hamilton has written a snoozer of a biography about his mediocre career. Sadly, the only way Milo could get any publicity for his boring tome was to slam beloved Cub broadcaster Harry Caray, calling him, among other things, "a miserable human being". Funny how Milo has spent the last umpteen years bitching about Harry's popularity...pretty miserable in itself.
To her credit, Harry's widow Dutchie had the cojones to fire back at this jackass. You can read all about it at the link below.

It's a sad statement on Milo's personality that, after 60 years of broadcasting, he feels the only way to draw attention to himself is by badmouthing a dead legend. If you've never heard Milo, don't bother. Do yourself a favor and check out a real announcer, St. Louis Cardinals radio guy John Rooney. He does a better Milo impression than Milo, and it's intentionally funny.

Nice toupe, Milo. Maybe if you had some respect for yourself, baseball fans would have more respect for you. Stay classy. NOT.,1,2321261.column?coll=chi-sportsnew-hed


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