Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hey, You, Get Off of My Catheter!

So the Rolling Stones played to over a million people in Rio de Janiero over the weekend, as the STEEL WHEELCHAIRS tour rolled on , proving yet again that even though Brazilians live in a beautiful country, speak a beautiful language, and have given us some of the greatest jazz ever recorded, they still have no taste in pop music.

I mean, seriously. I like to rock out as much as the next guy, but these guys are ANCIENT.
They're OLDER THAN DIRT. And if they hadn't been on this stupid tour for their latest album that nobody's buying, Keith Richards could've done a hilarious cameo as Johnny Depp's pirate dad in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2.

At any rate, they DO look great in women's pants, though, no? I mean, men's pants don't come that small, do they? Take a cue from Sammy Sosa, guys...hang it up already. You're more over than frozen yogurt.


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