Monday, October 01, 2007

To White Sox fans, with love...

Sure, the season's over for you. And yes, those hated Cubbies made the playoffs and you didn't. I know, it stings. But you should make the pain your friend - embrace it. Become one with it.

It's not like next year will be any different. I mean, come're in the same division as the Tigers and Indians. and Minnesota. Just enjoy the good times, think back on the happy memories, that perfect moment in time when the World Series trophy was yours, that fleeting
feeling of warmth and happiness.

You didn't see a bunch of Cub fans walking around in Astro caps back in 2005. Or clutching rosary beads, wishing for your squad to lose miserably. Yet I suspect there'll be lots of that, and more from the Sox Pride crew in the coming weeks.

It's OK. We ain't mad at ya. Stay cranky, Sox fans. Proud of ya.
Even the number one Sox fan himself, hizzoner, DA MAYOR, popped on a Cubs lid over the
weekend at a press conference announcing a Cubs pep rally today in Daley Plaza.

The Chicago Sun-Times ran a blurb on the occurance here.
Notice the southside-leaning tabloid did not include an actual photo of said occurance.
But at least it was mentioned.

Rumors that Daley plans to bulldoze Wrigley Field in the middle of the night should the Cubs
advance past the NLCS to the actual World Series could not be confirmed. But somebody oughta keep an eye out, just in case.

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