Thursday, December 14, 2006

It does a body good...

If you know me, you know that I drink the Soy Lattes. If you don't know me, now you know that I drink the Soy Lattes. I also use the Soy Milk by itself, or in cereal, or the occasional Brandy Alexander. I don't completely ignore Cow's milk, or goat's milk. Or water buffalo milk, like Fidel Castro, for that matter. But I prefer the Soy.

And, unlike SOME Soy Latte drinkers, I've been guzzling the stuff for about 20 years, long before Madonna rapped about it in AMERICAN LIFE. Back in my athletic, younger days, I read some magazine article about soy proteins and figured what the hell, give it a shot. And I liked the taste. Back then, you had to trek to health food stores to find it. Now you can pick it up in many gas stations.

Anyway, I had this article emailed to me by two people today.
Soy milk is supposedly unhealthy
So, I sent back this article about
Delicious, healthy whole milk.

Come on, people. We all know that dairy is hard for us to digest. Problem is, it tastes good.
And we all sort of know, but don't really want to acknowledge, the fact that there's gross, disgusting things in and about most of what we eat and drink. But you gotta eat to stay alive.
And the human race has existed just fine for a while now drinking milk, cow, soy, goat, breast, whatever.

So all these studies, these medical journal articles, these lab tests...keep them to yourself. Please.

And pass the soy.



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