Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dude looks like a Yeti...

Speaking of milk, on a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I happened to be in line for the new Expedition Everest roller coaster at Disney's Animal Kingdom when a group of about four people slipped out of a door near the end of the ride queue and who cut in front of me in line but none other than Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

Naturally, despite his hooded sweatshirt, word quickly spread through the crowd and out came the camera phones. The kids in my party were excited that they got to ride the ride with the guy who "stars" in another Disney ride, the Rock N Roller Coaster over at MGM/Disney Studios. He and his female companion got to ride in the front car, and they had a blast, screaming and laughing like, well, kids, which is exactly what you SHOULD be doing at Walt Disney World. ST looked very pretty, and appeared to be wearing more makeup than his lady friend. Although it might be that he's just had some really good plastic surgery, I don't know...

What was really interesting was the behavior of the other people in and around the ride. Everybody played it pretty cool, a few shouted out I LOVE YOU STEVEN and the like, but it was mostly quiet whispers and the snapping of a hundred camera phones. After we got off the ride, Stevie poked around the gift shop, trying on Yeti head masks and ski caps (The mythical beast plays a big part in the ride, a pretty cool backward and forward trek through the Himalayas).

Once outside, though, all hell broke loose. For whatever reason, about two hundred and fifty people decided they just wanted to follow the rockstar through the park. Of course word had spread outside the gift shop before we all exited, so there was a crowd in front of AND behind the There was a huge logjam when Mr. Tyler and party stopped for a hotdog, and to pose for some pictures with some wheelchair-b0und park visitors, but the whole time, the throng was eerily silent. Just pressing closer and closer, and staring. Finally, on the fringe, there was an opening and we were able to break free.

Maybe screaming, chanting hordes of fans are reserved for the younger rockstars. But at least a few hundred people can now tell their families at the holiday table about their brush (literally) with rock royalty.

Seriously, though...dude DOES look like a lady. But it works for him.


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