Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

So you blink, and just like that, it's the holidays.

Somewhere between snow crunching, and kids bunching, between the holly and the mistletoe,
between the anxieties and crowds of people and the repeated attempts to quell the seasonal affective disorder, we breathe deep and actually start to enjoy the "most wonderful time of the

So here's to all of you, and yours. Wishing you the merriest of merries, the eggiest of nogs, the jingliest of bells, and all that other mutha jazz, as Frank used to say.

I've been going to bed way too early the last few months. The bleak, harsh winter is bringing back the insomnia. So perhaps the posts will pick up again...

We'll (I mean, I'll) try to avoid the usual YEAR IN REVIEW wrapup posts. But, then again,
it's the season of cliche┬┤

Jingle Bells to one and all.


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