Friday, January 22, 2010

Taking Fandom to Heights It Should Never See

Like a lot of you, I was taken aback by the Prince sightings at the last few Vikings playoff games.
The Lil' Purple One looked very out of place in a skybox in typical Princey garb, watching the game with some regular ol' folk.

Inspired by his team's rout of the Cowboys last week, he apparently took to the studio to
bust off this track, entitled "Purple and Gold".

I was rooting for the Saints all along. Even though I'm a Cowboy fan from way back. I just like
Brees and Payton and the way that city has embraced the team.  They need this Super Season more
than these other teams do.

But after hearing this track, I am  WAY more for the Saints.

To end the post on a positive note...favorite Prince track ever? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Mine would have to be a tie between "She's Always In My Hair", and " I Wonder U".


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