Monday, September 28, 2009

The Sweetness.

Awesome day of nothing yesterday. Kicked it off by making brunch for a gaggle of sleepy teens who spent the night after their homecoming dance, then Yanks/Red Sox, where the Yankees clinched the AL East title.
Followed that up with Bears/Greenhawks (those jerseys. Seriously?!?).
During the game, my neighbor, George ran home to get a videotape to throw on during halftime.
It's called PURE PAYTON, and is 30 mins or so of the best Sweetness runs from his entire career.
Also learned from George and Jeanie that Walter has actually been in my home before...apparently he was friends with the previous owner, who also owns a racing team, hence the connection.
As a kid who grew up idolizing "Sweetness", it is safe to say that I have a whole newfound respect for my downstairs bathroom off the kitchen.
It's a long drive from Orland to the Northwest Suburbs. He HAD to have used it!!!

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