Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Music that will Change Your Life

A recurring feature, both in the original Joprah's Book Club, and now here at MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, is "Music That Will Change Your Life".  We first discovered Norah Jones in Austin, brought Dido to North America, and  feature tracks that you may or may not be aware of but will move you, touch you in some way.  But beware..all music posted here is NOT music that will change your life. Some of it will just enhance it.

WARWICK AVENUE is the 2nd single ( do we really still have singles?) from Duffy's ROCKFERRY album.  Mix it with Amy Winehouse's  I'M NO GOOD, and the Sting lute version of FIELDS OF GOLD for a nice little autumnal melancholy cocktail set.

Love love love her voice...visually, check YouTube for the version done live at the 2009 Brit Awards. Looks stunning, full strings, but she's doing something weird with her voice in that one. This version is from LATER...WITH JOOLS HOLLAND.

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